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The Differences Of Type A and Type B Zinc Oxide Manufacturing Plant Often Produce

zinc oxide manufacturing plant often offers type A and type B zinc oxide. Beginner buyers may get confused about the differences between Type A and Type B zinc oxide. This article is about to explain a little bit about the differences between these two zinc oxide classifications. As a result, you can get the right type of zinc oxide based on your needs.

Type A Zinc Oxide 

Type A zinc oxide is also known as a direct process method or American process. The manufacturers must collect the zinc ores or residues first and heat them in the air. The next process is adding coke or anthracite to produce zinc vapor. 

The zinc vapor is about to control the oxidation process. Try to pour the zinc oxide into the water or alcohol and see the reaction. It is type A zinc oxide if the powder can’t mix with the water or alcohol even if you stir the mixture. 

Now, try to mix this zinc oxide in hydrochloric acid and stir it. It is a type A if you can’t see the zinc oxide anymore in the hydrochloric acid. Another characteristic of type A zinc oxide is that it is soluble in most acids. 

Type B Zinc Oxide 

A zinc oxide manufacturing plant will also offer type B zinc oxide to its clients. Type B zinc oxide is obtained from an indirect method or French process. The manufacturer is about to melt the metallic zinc in a furnace first. 

This process will produce zinc vapor. Then, the manufacturers allow air or oxygen to enter the furnace. The zinc vapor and oxygen mixture produce ZnO. This process also uses a cooling system to transfer the zinc oxide. 

Check the particle of the zinc oxide first. You get type B zinc oxide if the particle is around 0.1 or even smaller. Then, check the shape of the zinc oxide. Type B zinc oxide often has a spheroidal shape. Due to the more sophisticated process, Type B zinc oxide has a higher purity degree compared to Type A zinc oxide. 

Now, you finally understand why zinc oxide looks different than the other. It can be because you get type A or type B. A trusted zinc oxide manufacturing plant will show and explain whether the zinc oxide is type A or type B. 

It is also critical information for those who are looking for specific zinc oxide. The most important thing is that you get the right zinc oxide type just like what you want

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