Cosmetic From Zinc Oxide Powder

6 Industries That Need Zinc Oxide Powder Supplier Service the Most

Zinc oxide powder supplier has become one of the essential entities for today’s industry. The reason is many businesses and manufacturers need its product in their manufacturing process. Here are a few examples of industries that need this supplier service.


Agriculture has become one of the industries that need zinc oxide powder products the most. Zinc oxide is a mineral that plants need to improve their growth. It increases a plant’s productivity and lifespan, which is essential in this industry.

Other than plants, zinc oxide also becomes one of the ingredients in the formulation of cattle and animal feeds. It affects the enzyme system in the animal’s body.


Rubber might be the manufacturing process that requires zinc oxide the most. In the zinc oxide powder market, the rubber industry dominates its consumer amount by more than half.

Zinc oxide and stearic acid become two essential elements in the vulcanization process of rubber material. Through this process, the manufacturer can change rubber into various rubber-based products, like shoe soles, tires, and hockey pucks.


Paint products also need the service from a zinc oxide powder supplier. The zinc oxide in the pain formula is necessary to create anti-corrosive properties. Therefore, when you use it on a metal surface, it can provide a coating that protects it from oxidation and prevents rust from occurring.

Personal Care Products

Zinc oxide also has anti-bacterial and deodorizing properties. Therefore, the personal care product manufacturer needs it as one of the ingredients in skin product formulation. Other than that, you also can find it on baby products, like powder, creams, and others.


Sunscreen is a famous product that uses zinc oxide powder supplier as one of its core ingredients in its formulation. So, it is not wrong to say the factory that produces this product depends a lot on the zinc oxide powder supplier.

The zinc oxide material works as a barrier that protects your skin from UV radiation. It prevents sunburn and premature skin aging problems.

Ceramic and Glass

The ceramic and glass industry also needs zinc oxide powder a lot because it affects the product’s appearance. The zinc oxide creates a glossy and clear surface in small amounts. You also can create a more matte and crystalline appearance with a moderate to high amount of zinc oxide.

Final Words

All in all, a zinc oxide powder supplier holds essential rules that make all those manufacturers process their products. Therefore, a reliable supplier that can provide high-quality zinc oxide powder is in high demand, today.

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